Measure T

Fighting to Protect South Lake Tahoe's Economy

Summary of Measure T Ballot Language:

Should an ordinance, to ELIMINATE most vacation home rentals (“VHR”) in residential zones within the City of South Lake Tahoe, be adopted, that: (1) ELIMINATES VHRs in residential zones by 2021, except for certain “qualified” VHRs operated by permanent residents; (2) allows VHR operations in commercial zones and tourist core areas; (3) adds VHR occupancy limitations; (4) increases minimum fines for VHR-related violations, after 2021; and (5) limits the ordinance amendment, unless approved by a majority of voters?

City Staff Report States:

(1)Fiscal Impact
There will be fiscal impacts to City revenue with the reduction of VHRs in residential zones. The revenues
affected are:
• City Transient Occupancy Tax- General Fund revenues that support operations including Police,
Fire, Snow Removal, Street Repair, Planning, Parks and Recreation, etc.

(4) 1mpact on funding for infrastructure of all types, including, but not
limited to, transportation, schools, parks, and open space. Potential
to result in increased infrastructure costs or savings, including the
costs of infrastructure maintenance, to current residents and

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